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BeeHealthy is a shortcut to your digital health services.

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Would you like to offer your patients 24/7 access to a personalized, streamlined and comprehensive array of mobile health services remotely and cost efficiently? We can enable the service with a holistic health application with your own branding.

Our mission at BeeHealthy is to help world class health care players and providers to take a leap in digitalization, increase productivity and conquer the emerging digital markets​.

We believe the future of health care is in combining the digital and physical world. We strive to empower people to take care of their personal wellbeing proactively with the support of health care professionals whenever and wherever needed. Our passion is to help the leading health care providers in taking this leap.

BeeHealthy offers a module based, white-label, software as a service (SaaS) business platform for digitizing patient journeys with outstanding customer experience by leveraging your own brand and creating differentiation and customer loyalty.

  • Proven and tested solution: developed originally by Mehiläinen, a leading Nordic health care provider.
  • Fast go to market: Start with the Digital Clinic and enhance your digital journey piece by piece.
  • Continuous and innovative development with scale benefits: driven by leading health care providers.
  • Autonomous, secure and scalable cloud-based architecture.
  • Available for web and both iOS and Android.
  • Your brand
  • Personalized Health Application
  • Fully integrated
  • Verified opt-out ratings
  • Algorithm supported decision making
  • Full quality control
  • Strict privacy, safety first
  • Tools for patients, physicians and administration

Comprehensive features

Digital Clinic

Enable patients an immediate remote access to physicians 24/7 together with automated pre visit symptom assessment, triage, care plan and reminders.

Reach 3-5 times higher physician productivity with high customer satisfaction without compromising the episode treatment value.

Guided patient journeys

Offer digital, engaging and personalized coaching programs for illness prevention or lifestyle change management addressing weight management, stress, activity, nutrition, sleep. Enable different levels of professional support via chat depending on the complexity and needs of the patient.

Care plans for pre- and post surgery operations, rehabilitation and infertility treatments are also available.

Online booking

Make searching and remote appointment bookings for physicians and clinics located near available 24/7.

Enable your personnel to manage their own digital schedule and appointments.​

Personal 24/7 access for patients

Provide your patients entry to personal medical records, prescriptions, health checks, surveys and risk indicators 24/7.

Intelligent algorithms

Improve patient safety and increase efficiency by enabling physicians access to data-driven symptom assessment and risk algorithms.

Integrated reporting and monitoring

Integrate reporting with physical clinics, hospitals, diagnostics, pharmacy chains and payer information (corporate, insurance, public, private).

Gain more analytic insights with built-in end-to-end monitoring and SLA reporting capabilities.

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